Nutritious Smoothies vs Dessert Smoothies


Often, people are confused about the difference between a healthy, nutritious smoothie and a dessert smoothie. We’re here to put the question to rest, or at show you that a smoothie can be both nutritious and tasty enough to earn the title of a dessert.

Nutritious Smoothie

Nutritious smoothies are most commonly associated with fruit smoothies, though they don’t have to be made of fruit only. Many nutritious smoothies are green smoothies too. For something to be considered a nutritious smoothie, it will contain whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Many nutritious smoothies also include supplements like protein powder, fiber, or ginger, no name a few. The purpose of drinking a nutritious smoothie is to pack as many nutrients as possible into an easy to drink and digest meal. But don’t let the name fool you. Nutritious smoothies can also be very tasty, even the ones that sound like they wouldn’t be. With the appropriate blend of fruits, supplements, and greens and/or vegetables, you can create a healthy, nutritious smoothie that you will really enjoy drinking on a regular basis.

Dessert Smoothie

The saying goes “all work and no play makes Joe a dull boy.” Well, we here at feel the same way about smoothies. All healthy and no dessert give Joe a dull menu. While we love to indulge in desserts just as much as the next guy, we also recognize that when desserts are made in a smoothie, they can be both delicious and nutritious. We do recognize the growing trend of taking a day off from your diet ever week or so to be not only great advice, but enjoyable too. So, on those days that you are wanting to stray a little from your healthy diet, keep things under relative control by blending yourself up a Dessert Smoothie. (You can find some good recipes of smoothies that make great desserts from our Smoothie Recipe Blog).


The best of both worlds

When you find just the right mix of nutritious and delicious ingredients to make our smoothie one for any occasion, you’ve reach what we like to call a Smoothie Master. These people blend up some of the most tasty treats you’ll ever drink. They also find a way to make their smoothies full of deliciousness that makes you forget you’re being healthy. When you find the perfect balance between delicious and nutritious, you have the best of both worlds! But, don’t keep your Smoothie Master skills to yourself, share your tasty smoothie recipes with the rest of us by sending them to!